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Onecoin scam!

Sometimes fiction becomes reality, best example is  Onecoin scam. The OneCoin virtual currency scam catches not only thousands of Finnish investors but many more across the globe. Overall, around 4.5 billion euros has been raised globally through what is said…

XES Crypto Workshop: Aleksi Grym (Finland Central Bank Economist)

In a workshop conducted by XES Helsinki, Finland central bank Economist Aleksi Grym presented the challenges and future of cryptocurrencies. Aleksi is a central bank economist, adviser and former entrepreneur with two decades of experience in tech, startups, global expansion,…

Crypto Going Mainstream In Finland

Crypto in Finland is going mainstream with fresh set of regulations and  government agencies constantly updating the guidelines. It is not hard to see why government want to regulate crypto currencies even though main aim is to  protect citizens, but also by bringing in to mainstream it can monitor and control what’s going on in the industry….