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Volatility risks, friend or foe?

Disclaimer: We do not provide investment advice. Your investments are at your own risk, this is not recommendation to direction or another and the responsibility is readers own. This text is a commentary to Google quick search, discussing pros and…

Why is the Swedish Krona (SEK) losing value?

Countries with stable governments and strong economies should enjoy capital inflows and strengthening currency. With Sweden, this has not been the case. This text examines and questions the situation of falling Swedish currency SEK, the Krona. One of the reasons…

What is the difference between traditional currencies and so-called cryptocurrencies?

This text tries to clarify how emerging cryptocurrencies differ from old money, such as Dollars & Euros. Traditional currencies exist both in digital and “physical” format, whereas Cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple) exist only digitally as code. While few…