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Expansion Of Blockchain Technology

A recent report from the World Economic Forum predicts that 10% of GDP will be stored on blockchains or infrastructure linked to blockchains by 2027. Report further laid out that increased financial inclusion in emerging markets as critical mass in gaining footprint in financial services on the blockchain. New services and value exchanges are developed directly on the blockchain by disintermediation of financial institutions….

Is China Launching New Cryptocurrency ?

There are multiple reports earlier regarding the launch of Chinese new cyptocurrency which was refuted by Chinese central bank. According to Global Times, a government affiliated news agency, China’s central bank has refuted press reports on launching a state backed cryptocurrency…

Crypto Going Mainstream In Finland

Crypto in Finland is going mainstream with fresh set of regulations and  government agencies constantly updating the guidelines. It is not hard to see why government want to regulate crypto currencies even though main aim is to  protect citizens, but also by bringing in to mainstream it can monitor and control what’s going on in the industry….

Bank of England Governor: Virtual currency like libra could ease dependence on the US Dollar

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposed a transformation of the global financial system by replacing the US dollar with a Facebook like Libra digital currency. Before leaving office in 2 months Carney said the U.S. dollar as the world’s…

US Secretary of state: Crypto should be regulated like other financial institutions

We should use the same framework what we used to regulate all other electronic financial transactions. That’s essential what these are, these are monies moving through markets or in some cases disintermediate transaction. But we should regulate in the same…

New Zealand salaries and wages in crypto

Binding rules approving salaries and wages paid in cryptocurrency were published by the Inland Revenue Department of New Zealand. The move might serve as a template for other country regulators. According to New Zealand inland revenue department. The arrangement is…

Blockchain: Energy & Environment challenges

The technology of blockchain faces both technical and legislative obstacles. Building new blocks for the blockchain has an adverse environmental impact. Every time a new block is created or a transaction verified, the mining process consumes large amounts of electricity…

Is Blockchain technology safe enough from scammers!

In reality you should be a master miner in order to be able to tamper with the blockchain. If someone were to attempt to rewrite history, the scammer would have to learn how to fix a very hard mathematical puzzle…