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Ten Most Influential Women In The World Of Cryptocurrencies: Part 1

What is the role of women in cryptocurrencies? There are entrepreneurs and creators of new companies in crypto in all parts of the world and only 7% of them are women. Most influencers and are ready to take over the cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industries and of course they are booming to do so. The start of Bitcoin in the genesis block was a process, let’s say a little more masculine, the problems of scalability that bitcoin has to facilitate and solve in order to grow seems rather feminine. 

Bitcoin needs to expand its network so I believe that leadership within the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could end up being women who are the ones who will take this revolution on the right track. Everything starts to make sense, women work as a team by nature, in some parts of the world the majority of conversions and investments in cryptocurrency are made by women. 

The objective of crypto ladies is to empower other women in this world to innovate, enhance technologies of cryptocurrencies. In terms of the financial issue, women can succeed very quickly providing beauty intelligence, communication and enter the wave that is not only for men. These women give conferences all over the world to make other women economically free, without much effort or complications, free of their traditional jobs, making these women entrepreneurs empowered. And that is what financial freedom means… to give what you want, the freedom we all fight for every day.

There are unique stories of true leaders from different communities in the growing evolution of the Industry in Blockchain technology and digital currency. If women remain involved in the design of the new financial system, it will be much better for society.

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In this part we know about 5 influential women in the world of cryptocurrencies: 

1. Amber Baldet:  “We need Blockchain to combine dreams with reality”. Being for now the Executive Director of the JP Morgan Blockchain Center of Excellence (hackers-coders), she built together with her team, Quorum, an Ethereum-based blockchain for business, she is also the founder of her own company called Clovyr, an ecosystem of Blockchain applications, positioning itself as a leader in blockchain. The blockchain expert defends the potential of technology to make a better world, warning that you should not lose sight of practical and useful applications so that its benefits are spread throughout society. Baldet has a bit of a complicated job since this crypto lady wants to strike a balance between cryptocurrencies and the big world banks, making to known the needs of open source.

2. Jinglan Wang:  “The Bad Crypto” Education on the Blockchain. She is now the executive director of the Blockchain Education Network, leads 270 schools in 50 countries with more than 1200 students, being the main objective of the University Campus where she helps and teaches students to start or grow their Blockchain clubs throughout the world. Through friendly and competitive activities Wang formed connecting leaders with solid relationships, amplifying local efforts, achieving extraordinary goals of decentralized growth. Wang wants a promising future in which today’s students develop and execute the blockchains of tomorrow. she manages a podcast for informational and entertainment purposes of cryptocurrencies in which she ensures that it is better to consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment. 

3. Elizabeth Stark : “Always the future and the potential of Blockchain technology as something applicable to the entire world”. Stark directs CEO of Lightning Labs, the company that applies Blockchain technology to offer instant and high-volume Bitcoin payments. Stark mentions that if Bitcoin only serves a small subset of the population, it will not be successful because what she wants to achieve is that this becomes something global. Using all the knowledge available, preserving and strengthening the digital tools that allow us create and share information since alternative revenue streams that replace money from ads that currently monetize much of the content on the web could be create. However, these tools can only make a difference if they are used by a sufficient number of people . A concern that easily translates into enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. 

4. Linda Xie:  I even compare it to what we are used to in the existing financial system. We don’t have the full issuance of our bank account statement for all to see …” Former product manager of the currency exchange giant Cryptographic Coinbase and now CEO Scalar Capital, which specializes in cryptography, describing how third parties can track Bitcoin transactions and how privacy and compliance can coexist, also conducts a series of beginner guides on crypto assets being the public’s goal Bitcoin connoisseur and for those looking to learn more about other crypto assets. The investment thesis in Scalar Capital, is to see what types of companies are the ones that seek to invest and how they use the power of Communities to the offers of origin even what she uses to be more productive, including a chatbot that can improve her emotional health , a way to simplify the programming in meetings, and an application that allows you to save summaries of physical books by taking a photo with your phone. Xie has raised a $ 20 million fund that is investing in blockchain companies in exchange for tokens, with a focus on privacy technology, has invested in 18 projects and employs a team of four. 

5. Joyce Kim : “It’s expensive to be poor” Creator of the Stellar nonprofit association, a digital currency payment platform that increases interoperability between various financial systems and both fiat and cryptographic currencies, a decentralized protocol for sending and receiving money, in search of help in disadvantaged communities and immigrants struggling for economic empowerment (Nigeria). Their primitive method of sending money in bags in a truck is not fast, there is a waste of time, it is insecure, and inefficient. Kim wants to leave the world a better place than it was before and without the right tools you can’t do things that should be done … like keeping money in the communities to invest more in the welfare of their families. she had a great achievement and it was that her users saved millions of dollars in their rates compared to other companies such as Western Union.

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