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Stablecoins: Part 4 Conclusion

Image: Zaimful

So far, TrueUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI are doing an excellent job, although there are some controversies and arguments about their long-term sustainability and we do not know if in the future fortune remains on their side.

Each week new ones appear, they will be the necessary step for cryptocurrencies as there has been a significant proliferation in which there has been a recent venture capital investment, they may have a very considerable role within the crypto sector but the really important thing is that the most users get to understand them.

Stablecoins are still in an incipient state, and as such they still do not offer sufficient guarantees as investment paths. But with the passage of time and the refinement of their different models they could get to raise more capital than what Bitcoins or Ripples now move.

We also always have to make sure and not trust everything, not everything is wonderful in the world of Stablecoins.

It seems that stable currencies have a long way to go to demonstrate their value and efficiency and that will happen in case of crisis. The financial world has come to call it the black swan event.

The world needs a stable currency in the market that works independently of the conditions in the cryptosphere.



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