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1 Trillion USD market cap in 2020?

In recent times, especially in the past few years from early 2017 till now, many people began to learn more about cryptocurrency as the press kept publishing far-fetched news regarding the booming price of many cryptocurrencies.

The tide of the cryptocurrency market has risen tremendously high, as never before, generating the attention of investors from all fields and classes. As of now according to coinmarketcap the total market capitalization of 2320 cryptocurrencies in the market are more than 287 (as of July 22) billion us dollars.

At the peak of the crypto world in early 2018, it was 712 billion US dollars more than double compared to now. Out of 2320 cryptocurrency 460 has zero market capitalization. Some can speculate on these coins and potentially get rewarded multiple folds, but history has shown that it comes with high risk, as well as threats like onecoin (​another FMO scam​).

Identical to every other market, there are always one or more dominant players that account for the majority of market capitalization. In the case of cryptocurrency, the outstanding dominant is Bitcoin with 200 billion US dollar (69%) of market capitalization. There is an obvious change in recent years when other currencies market capitalization have arisen and taken more share, still, bitcoin is dominant has a tremendous impact on other currencies.

In an expanding crypto market, it is proven crypto has reached more than 700 billion compared to half of it now, not far from now there is a chance market cap will breach a Trillion.


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